Precautions for daily use of aluminum alloy ladders

1. Check the ladder before use. Make sure that the rungs and foot covers of the ladder are firm and reliable, and there is no dirt or paint that prevents you from standing up.

2. Level the ground, remove debris on the ground or wipe dry and slippery

3. When the ladder is placed in front of the door, the door should be locked or tied up, or guarded by personnel

4. When using a straight ladder or a telescopic ladder, ensure that the distance from the wall increases by 0.3 meters for every increase in height by 1 meter

5. Please follow the "four-point contact" principle: When using a straight ladder, make sure that the tops of the two handrails of the ladder are firmly on the wall, and the two ladder legs must also be firmly supported on the floor or the ground .

6. When using a herringbone ladder, make sure that the support rod of the ladder is fully extended and locked. It is forbidden to close the herringbone ladder to be used as a straight ladder.

7. The three-point contact principle must be maintained when going up and down the ladder (ie two feet and one hand)

8. When using a straight ladder, the height of your standing should not exceed the third crossbar from the top of the ladder. Make sure that the top of the ladder reaches at least one meter higher than the highest point you need to stand.

9. Before climbing any ladder, make sure that you do not have any knives, scissors or other pointed tools in your pocket.

10. When working on a ladder, you should keep your body's center of gravity between the two handrails to gain balance.

11. After keeping balance on the ladder, do not push or pull the scraper or other tools excessively.

12. When working on a ladder, always wear rubber soles or other types of non-slip shoes.

13. When working on a ladder, pay special attention to the construction method and posture, and avoid looking up and working with your head up and back to prevent falling back.

Precautions for outdoor use of aluminum alloy ladders?

14. Avoid working in wet or windy weather, and don't climb wet ladders.

15. All ladders must be kept away from power lines-especially metal ladders.

16. The ladder must be placed on a solid ground-plywood must be laid under the foot of the ladder to ensure a safe foothold.

In addition, the ladder can be tied to a certain solid part of the room, or fixed with a holed bolt on the wall or wooden board to obtain better safety.